We are ZMR Colombia

A consulting, marketing and distribution company.


We specialize in the development of Products (OEM / ODM) of consumer electronics, sports equipment and home decor.

We have a portfolio of high-tech products which we distribute in retail channels and in the most important e-commerce platforms in Colombia.

Our clients have the best advice and key processes to carry out their business at a higher level with innovative and competent products in the global and local market; They have reliable processes based on our extensive experience in the national and international market; and 360 ° services that include distribution, marketing and after sales.


ZMR Colombia is a consulting and distribution company. Our mission is to provide the highest levels of service and reliability to meet the needs of our customers.


By 2025, ZMR Colombia will become the most reliable professional distribution, consulting and marketing company in Colombia, providing our clients with the best professional experience in the market, through innovation, our experience in global markets and our local professional network. .

Core value

Our core value is to share the pleasure of success as REAL PARTNERS and grow together, based on our experience in retail and corporate management. Our spirit of transparency and passion is translated into clear plans so that our clients can identify their needs and opportunities in the markets.

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